Outdoor Play Set Playhouses Built For Physical Activity

Outdoor Play Set Playhouses are more extravagant than ever before.  There are so many types available that I am no longer shocked when I see one that looks like a mansion.  The playhouses that look just like real life houses are amazing.  Even the inside of these playhouses appear to be life like with sinks, closets and stairs leading to the 2nd level.  These playhouses are great for children who are already active.  However, the vast population of American children are lacking the physical activity required to burn their calorie intake.  Today, children need exercise more than ever before.  The days of working in the garden, painting fences and feeding animals is gone for most American children.

Just as you have seen playhouses turn into amazing looking houses, there are also playhouses that have taken on a different twist.  You can now find playhouses that are a cross between playhouse and jungle gym.  Some of these playhouses are also designed to include swings for the children.  I am not really sure what they are called but I have been referring to them as Outdoor Play Set Playhouses.

I can remember my swing set from when I was a child.  It was a metal frame build from metal pipes with chains hooked to 2 plastic seats.  That was it!  There were no additional sections for a playhouse and there were no monkey bars for climbing.  If I had tried to climb on my swing set, I would have most likely been cut by the rusted metal pipes.  When I see a playhouse crossed between a swing and a jungle gym, I am just amazed at how far we have come with toys.

If you are looking to purchase a playhouse for your child and you know that they need more physical activity, you should really look into these hybrid playhouses.  Take a look at the four playhouses below.

Which of these outdoor play set playhouses do you want to purchase for your inactive child?


Kids Outdoor Playhouse Fun
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Kids Outdoor Playhouse Fun

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