Why Victorian Playhouses Keep Their Appeal Alive

written by: Roy Thom

If you need somewhere for children to play in the garden, then the nostalgic style of Victorian playhouses may strike a chord that resonates with you. For keen gardeners especially, who are proud of their little Garden of Eden, the thought of putting up a cheap plastic playhouse to spoil the view is probably too much to bear. Anyway, it would probably not last beyond one or two seasons, so investing in something as stylish as the garden itself is well worth considering. There is no doubting that anything Victorian can still be appealing to adults and children alike, and playhouses of a Victorian design are no exception.

One of the appeals of the Victorian era and before was the popularity of the old English cottage garden. Who would have thought that in the 21st century we would be literally expanding the idea of a dolls house, taking it into the garden as a playhouse, and provide an opportunity for the cottage gardener to create a garden within a garden. Modern Victorian playhouses with authentic white railings will tempt many a traditional and modern gardener to recreate a mini cottage garden around it.

You may start out with the simple idea of buying a playhouse for your own kids or even grandchildren. However, one look at the cute, and often irresistible, style of some of the garden playhouses in the style of a Victorian cottage may, well turn that little idea into a grander concept that you can enjoy as much as the children. Of course, you do need to take the kids liveliness into account when choosing a playhouse that will not just look good but stand up to their antics and last a good few years. With the help of durable and sometimes maintenance free materials, good flooring and windows, there should be little trouble finding one model amongst the Victorian playhouses that is both within your budget and an inspiration for that mini cottage garden within a garden.

Kids Outdoor Playhouse Fun
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