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written by: DavidBE

Crafty Kids Playhouses Creation Cottage

Having kids is a real blessing, yet it can also be quite stressful, especially when you need to constantly worry about their safety as they are playing outside the house on a road with a lot of traffic. This is the situation I was put in, and of course I simply couldn’t forbid them to play outside… but I didn’t want them spending their entire day in front of the computer or the television either. And so I started looking around, at which point I came across an unlikely solution to my problems: a cardboard playhouse.

After doing some thinking, it actually seemed like this cardboard playhouse was an idea that might work, and so I bought it and brought it home. To our delight, the whole thing was quite fast and easy to assemble, on top of which it actually did look like a small house, complete with windows, doors and chimneys. While at first I doubts about the thing’s durability, the cardboard used in the construction of these playhouses is actually quite deceptively strong. In any case, it was now time for the final verdict: will the kids like it?

To my relief, my kids simply wouldn’t want to leave that house once they were inside, even wanting to sleep there for the night. For a kid, having their “own” house is actually quite a remarkable experience, as they get a taste of freedom for the first time, being able to organize their toys how they please, not to mention the ability to paint and draw on the walls without anybody stopping them. Needless to say, after getting this house I had a much easier time keeping my kids clear of playing on the road during the heavy traffic hours, putting all worries to rest. To make a long story short, a cardboard playhouse is a kid’s heaven.




  • Creation cottage

  • Material: 100% Recycled cardboard

  • Unique design allows for a sturdy drawing surface

  • Blank canvas exterior

  • Provide hours, days, even weeks of fun

  • Allows child to create their own home

  • Perfect for birthday parties, play dates and rainy day fun

  • Made in the USA

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Kids Outdoor Playhouse Fun

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