How to extend the Life of your playhouse

I am going to share with you how you can extend the Life of your child’s playhouse.  First, I should explain that the Life I am talking about is the enjoyment LIFE.  Many children are very excited when they get their new playhouse, only to become bored with the playhouse later.  It’s bound to happen at some point, but when you have invested in a nice playhouse, you want a return for your money.  The child should get enjoyment that far surpasses the money you invested.  If I spend $1,200 on a playhouse and my child only plays in it for 6 months, I paid $200 per month for my child to enjoy a playhouse.

There are some things you can incorporate in with your playhouse to extend the time or attention span of your children.

  1. Purchase a playhouse that has a serving window or a large window on the side.
  2. Place a picnic table outside of the window
  3. Incorporate monkey bars or playground tube slides
  4. Put a lattice or picket fence around the playhouse
  5. If you have incorporated a slide, you may consider placing the end of the slide in the playhouse fence area
  6. Add a small garden in the back of the fenced in area
  7. Teach your child the responsibility of providing water and food for the garden.
  8. Your child may enjoy growing beautiful flowers
  9. Think of the opportunity to praise your child and build character by providing food for the family.  Teach them to grow tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and other veggies in their own small garden.
  10. Add a fan or small air condition to your playhouse.  If the playhouse if too hot, you will not want your child playing during the hot times of the day.  Add a little air and they are comfy.
  11. A couple of plastic cups and a plastic picture of ice water would hit the spot.  Make your child enjoy the time they spend in their playhouse
  12. Ask your child if you can come over and visit.  You can even bring over some sandwiches and your child can provide fresh veggies out of their garden.  Drink a glass of water during your visit to teach them that water is healthy.
  13. Host your children’s birthday parties around the playhouse and other playground equipment.  Hopefully, you have integrated all of the equipment as I suggest and you will have them all playing everywhere.  The tubes or tunnels connecting your children’s swing to the fenced in area of the playhouse yard will keep all of the kid’s very busy going from end end to the other.

We’ll I hope I have your mind going now.  You will be coming up with your own ideas of how you want to arrange your children’s playhouse.  When you plan out your playhouse, keep in mind how you may extend the life of your playhouse by keeping your children interested.


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